Kyle Stansbury, LCSW

I have found myself somewhere between a youthful heart and an aging soul. At one time swept up in the magic and deep meaning of spending as much time in the woods or in far off lands as I could. I am now focusing on the new wilderness of a young family and a commitment to my life’s work. This undeniable call to help others find their way has always been with me whether as a wilderness guide or as a counselor. This call has sung out to me in so many ways and now does so in the form of my practice at Imagine Health. This shift has allowed me to meet people in a way that is honest and sincere to me and hopefully to them as well. I have learned in life that certainty and judgement are optional and understanding is paramount. I most enjoy meeting with motivated older teens, adults and especially men. I work to stay as real and grounded with my clients as possible offering a spacious and sincere relationship as a foundation to work from.

TEMPLATED. Images Unsplash.