Mick Stemborski, LCPC, LAC

In his early twenties, Mick was looking for work, any work, and landed a job in an adolescent psychiatric hospital. De-escalating highly agitated kids and assuring them things were going to be OK seemed to come natural. He found therapy fascinating and has remained in the field ever since. Over the years, he has been a wilderness therapist, school counselor, college counselor for minority students, study abroad administrator, addiction counselor, and clinical therapist.

Mick earned a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling at The University of Great Falls. Simultaneously, he pursued credentials for a License in Addiction Counseling. Understanding the all-to-common relationship between mental health issues and various aspects of addiction is imperative to helping people in our society. In addition, the experience of trauma in this human life is highly probable. Therefore, Mick is also certified in E.M.D.R. Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). He has applied all of these techniques to various age groups and demographic populations.

Mick sums up his professional career with this statement; “Service people serve. That’s what we do. It is who we are and we can’t change this about ourselves, even if we tried. It is not for everyone but I am glad I am one of them”.

Mick has always held a passion for international travel. In 2002, he formed an international education program named Peru Alive, outside of Cusco, Peru. After hosting many American students and travelers to the Andes, he started branching out into other countries across the globe. Experiencing a foreign culture is much like counseling; taking a step out of our familiar world to realize there are many ways to live a life. In this exploration, people find better, happier approaches to the challenges they face.

In Montana, winter presents some of the greatest outdoor activities. Mick’s cold weather interests are skiing, snow camping, snowmobiling, and splitting firewood. Technically, fire wood is not a recreational activity but there is something spiritual between a man and his chainsaw.

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