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Anne Scott-Markle

Anne Scott-Markle has been in private practice for 19 years, 10 of those in Columbia Falls. She graduated from the LIOS program (Leadership Institute of Seattle) at Bastyr University in Seattle with a degree in Systems Counseling. She thinks that counseling addresses the perennial spiritual questions of: Who Am I?, Where Am I Going?, and What’s In My Way of Getting There?

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Kelly Ewalt

Kelly Ewalt For the past 20 years Kelly Ewalt has been a licensed counselor working with children, families, and adults. She has worked in a variety of settings, including mental health centers, residential treatment for children, and schools. This training and experience allow her to offer an extensive knowledge base of treatment to her clients, with an appreciation of the needs of children and families. Kelly specializes in working with children through play therapy. She has learned through experience that children often have invaluable ideas about how to help themselves. Through play therapy, Kelly creates a safe environment in which children can explore and express feelings.

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Erin Boedeker

Colleen Johnson has been in the behavioral health field in the Flathead Valley for the past 11 years. She is a Montana native and a graduate of both Carroll College, Helena, MT and of Walla Walla University School of Social Work and Sociology, College Place, WA. She believes her life purpose is to help individuals resolve their individual struggles. She works with individuals suffering with worry, anxiety, stress, shame, guilt, depression, grief and trauma. She especially has a heart for our “war veterans” suffering from PTSD. Her belief is the human person strives for a balance between their mental, physical, social/cultural and spiritual dimensions.

She utilizes a simplistic down to earth approach to therapy. Her primary mode of therapy is “expressive art” through writing, drawing, collaging, painting and sculpture. Expressive art is a safe method to explore personal experiences to obtain healing and relief. Art is a tool to move beyond ordinary consciousness. Often, individuals need more than words to describe the multidimensionality of feelings. It is not necessary to be “good at art” or to have art experience. Colleen uses mindfulness, deep breathing, gratitudes, positive self-affirmations and other research based therapeutic modalities.

Colleen enjoys traveling, writing, cooking, reading, yard work, visiting friends and art. She has two beautiful children, a son and his family in Minneapolis, MN and a daughter and her family of Columbia Falls, MT. She also has five delightful grandsons with whom she gathers much joy.

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Sheila Murray

Sheila Murray comes from a holistic perspective that integrates body, mind, soul and spirit, I partner with clients to create desired change and guide them towards accessing the resources of their innate wholeness. I work with individuals struggling with uncertainty and self-doubt, interpersonal difficulties, trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, and issues related to work and life direction. I enjoy working with motivated clients who seek to transform their relationship to struggles and losses, while opening to an expanded sense of self.


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