Anne Scott-Markle
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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction has a long history in the majority of the world’s sacred traditions. Seekers will often find a teacher, or guide, who has already traversed the spiritual terrain and who can, because of her own lived experience, help another make the journey. In the Western world, this professional accompaniment along the spiritual path has come to be known as Spiritual Direction. While everyone’s path is unique, there are discernable passages that can be marked along the way.

Spiritual Direction is care of the soul. By offering a grounded presence, a Spiritual Director empowers people to uncover, recover, and listen to their own inherent wisdom – the voice of the “inner director” that we each have within who guides us back to a place of wholeness.

Spiritual Direction is not therapy, yet there can be a relationship between spirituality and health. Often, underneath psychological struggles are significant experiences of loss – loss of meaning, of purpose, of connectedness, and hope. The Spiritual Director provides the space for persons to regain a sense of what is true for them and the freedom to live it in the world.